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Weight Reduction
Instinct Diet
Knee Replacement


                   MACDADDY/STEPPIN LEE'S




       I will be successful, be responsible, and have more energy."

           Personal Trainers For The Macdaddy

                  Avian Biscoe (St  Thomas) VI

          The Silver Bullet (Bob Silver) Baltimore MD

          Priscilla Douglas (Boston) MA

I have decided to involve my Ski-Tennis-Dance- Hula Hoop & Swimming Friends in my France Weight Readiness project, Knee replacement project. I am sure with your support I will be able to accomplish my physical readiness goals for the  first annual Spydrr/Spider memorial Ski trip. (Includes my knee replacement project). 

I will accomplish this by doing the following. 

(Priscilla Douglas Recommended Instinct Diet): No alcohol during the week, no late night food, no Mac Donald's, reduce sugar intake, swimming 3 time a week, Tennis 3 time a week, Line Dancing/Salsa/Chicago Stepping 3 times a week,  and some running). 

(Bob Silver (Silver Bullet) Recommended Yoga): Bob Had A Bi-Lateral Hip Replacement in 2010.  Yoga has help to get him back on the Ski Slopes.   Benefit of Yoga is the mental and physical wellness exercises. The Yoga exercises has help him recapture and maintain the elasticity and flexibility in the hip and leg area needed for advance Mono Board Skiing.

                     DIET TRACKING PHOTOS

        2/12/2011  292lbs                      1/23/2012   270lbs                   04/23/2012  270lbs


WAIST 46 INCHES     WEIGHT 265 LBS    BMI(Body Mass Index) 36.4 Nov 2014

MY GOALS FOR FRANCE 2013 ARE: WAIST 42 INCHES     WEIGHT 227 LBS                   BMI(Body Mass Index (29.5)


PRESENT WEIGHT:04/01/2014  267.00


Date 2014 Sit Ups Push Up    Bike Min   Gym Work Out/Yoga Swim Laps Min Tennis Hours Dance Hrs Waist In. Weight lbs-Ozs
04/01 01 01 00  00  00  0 00 47.0 267-00
Date 2014 Sit Ups Push Up    Bike Min   Gym Work Out/Yoga Swim Laps Min Tennis Hours Dance Hrs Waist In. Weight lbs-Ozs
04/02      5 30 Min   3      
Date 2014 Sit Ups Push Up    Bike Min   Gym Work Out/Yoga Swim Laps Min Tennis Hours Dance Hrs Waist In. Weight lbs-Ozs




12/28/2005 Avian Biscoe (Skier-Personal Trainer)  
                 Macdaddy each day perform 50 sit up, 50 push up, run a mile
                 watch what you eat. This will get the weight off.

01/20/2010 Yokley (Snow Pirate) Weight about 200 lbs - Advance Skier
                 Macdaddy get your weight down and I will give you one of my Ski Outfits 

01/09/2010 Silver-Bionic Bullet (Mono Skier) Weight About 200 lbs - Advance Mono Skier
               (Macdaddy If you had the Silver-Bionic Bullet body with your Ski Information
               You would be one of the great Mono Skiers. Let's get busy loosing the weight.

11/27/2011 Pricilla Douglas (Boston) Skier-My Country Line Dance Partner) Introduce me to 

                   the Instinct  Diet Program.  I will start the Diet on 12/01/2011.  I will track exercise    

                  and food consumption.  Priscilla has agreed to monitor my progress. 

 11/28/2011  From Priscilla (Boston) Ma (Skier-Instinct Diet Monitor), 

                   MacDaddy, To succeed: weigh yourself and enter into the tracker everyday.   YES                    

                EVERYDAY.  This tracker will help you out. Also, measure and weigh your food.  

                EAT on a SMALL plate not a big plate.  Hot sauce dulls the    appetite.


12/20/2011 From Bob (Bullet) Silver (Skier-Yoga Monitor) Bob used Yoga with his Bi Lateral His Hip Replacement

                  Macdaddy, Yoga can help with your Diet, Knee Operation, Recovery, and  with your   

                  Macdaddy  2013 France Rediness Program.  Don't worry about doing all of the exercises.

                 Do what you  can with the exercises, but do it on a consistent basis.  Develop a Program with 

                 a define time and frequency that you can adhere to.  You will see the results.

                I used  this to help me through the Bi-Lateral (Double) Hip Replacement.   

               (Bob The  Silver Bullet) Aka Bionic Silver Bullet)



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